Professional & Executive Ministries


The Professional and Executive Ministries is a ministry of New Life Missions committed to helping to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching out to the leaders of the Cambodian community. It has been endorsed by several well known Christian leaders. Our mission is to help influencers reach other influencers for Christ. We hope to bring about change in the Cambodians society by reaching people of influence who can in turn affect other influential people, their families, their businesses, and their communities. The Professional and Executive Ministries was established to identify and train Christians to reach and disciple their peers for Christ. It offers couples a unique opportunity to have a personal ministry together.


"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

The Outreach Dinner Party is an elegant social gathering in the non-threatening environment of a spacious home, restaurant or hotel.

It is a joy to see the positive response to a lovely invitation to enjoy an evening with a spiritual emphasis! From the moment they arrive and meet the Hosts and Speaker, the guests are greeted warmly and put at ease.

"Over 30% of invited
guests are responding
positively to an offer
to receive Christ."


Speakers for the Outreach Dinner Parties are trained men and women with an adult conversion, with whom the guests can easily relate. While we are occasionally able to provide Speakers whose names would be recognized by all - politicians, sports figures or entertainers - a business or professional man relates as well to this target audience, and with the same outstanding results!

The Speaker's message is clear and at the conclusion of the evening, the 95 or more guests are given an opportunity to pray to receive Christ. Based on Comment Cards that the guests fill out at the end of the evening, 45 percent or more indicate that they have prayed to receive Christ or would like to have more information about how to know Him personally.

"Since such an unusually high number of people come to Christ at each dinner, I appreciate the opportunity to share my testimony, knowing it is a good investment of my time."
Adolph Coors, IV
Director of Coors Family Investments
Littleton, Colorado

"After coming to know Jesus Christ personally through an Outreach Dinner Party, we recognized the impact that we could have by either hosting dinners or speaking for them. Couples have experienced spiritual birth and the resulting transformation of marriages, homes and values has been exciting to see!"
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Timmis
Vice- Chairman of Talon L.L.C.
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

"To think that God could use the story of my conversion to bring others to Himself is incredible. I've met so many people eager to know Christ personally. My contact with them may be fleeting, but we will spend eternity together!"
Thomas M. Hamilton
San Diego Attorney, retired


Our ministries is modeled after Luke chapter 5, where a businessman named Matthew, obeying Jesus' challenge to "Follow me!," hosted a dinner party. His peers - "tax collectors and sinners" - were the guests, and Jesus was the speaker. We can assume that many came to know the Lord that evening. Like Matthew, host couples in a community invite their peers to an outreach dinner party in a non-threatening setting such as a spacious home, restaurant, or hotel. The speaker - a business or professional leader - shares his/her personal testimony of the difference Jesus Christ has made in his/her life and work. At the end of the evening, guests are sensitively given the opportunity to pray and receive Christ. Comment cards reflect that 45 percent or more indicate that they receive Christ on such an evening, or would like to have more information about how to know Him personally.


These people are then followed up, beginning the discipleship process. Bible studies build them in their faith and conferences encourage their growth and enlarge their vision. Leadership training prepares them for ministry, and they are challenged to go out themselves to make a difference in their spheres of influence. Executive and Professional Ministries is committed to developing teams with a "Win-Build-Send" strategy of discipling people to spiritual maturity and fruitfulness once they have been born of God's Spirit.


"Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good." I Peter 2:2, 3

Follow-up, in both group and one-on-one settings, is designed to help men and women further understand what it means to know Christ personally, to help them gain assurance of salvation and to build them through Bible Studies and Conferences.


Executive and Professional Ministries is committed to developing teams with a "Win-Build-Send" strategy of discipling people to spiritual maturity and fruitfulness once they have been born of God's Spirit. As leadership training is provided, these influencers have the potential of touching the lives of countless others in their sphere of influence.


Opportunities to serve are provided in the context of the Outreaches, Follow-Up, Bible Studies and Conferences. Interdenominational Bible Studies give people an opportunity to continue seeking the truth about salvation or to be grounded in their new faith while catching a vision for being used to win and build others. This often becomes the stepping stone to a good local church for family worship.

The National Staff Team provides leadership and training for ministry expansion and development. Conferences for men, women and couples are a vital part of the Executive and Professional Ministry strategy and are implemented as the local ministry develops.


Executive and Professional Ministries is committed to sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ with people who might otherwise not hear of it. Our goal is to find host couples in new cities - men and women who have been blessed by God and placed in positions where they can influence their peers who do not yet know Christ.


Our challenge to you is to pray and ask God why He has placed you where you are and blessed you as He has. Ask Him if He would have you get involved in effectively reaching out to your peers and multiplying what He has entrusted to you.

We can help you begin an Executive Ministries in your city. For information, contact us at our National Office.

Executive and Professional Ministry
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