Vek Huong Taing's letter

Letter from Vek Huong Taing to Mr. Bailey Mark

Dear Mr. Bailey Marks,

First of all, we would like to [apologize for writing] this letter by hand. As you know, in this situation we don't have electricity to use our English electric typewriter; within [the last] 48 hours, we have electricity only two or three hours...

Now all classes are closed (college, high school, private school)... This situation is very hard. We cannot say what will happen for [the] next day, [the] next week, but we are happy to live and to die for our Lord Jesus Christ... We have decided to serve our Lord Jesus Christ until our last minute of lives (sic) in reaching Cambodia for HIM. Please continue to pray for our strength both physically and spiritually. We do hope that if [it is] God's will we can see you once again before we die or we' ll meet each other in heaven.

Please give our regards, to all our beloved staffs (sic) of [Campus Crusade for Christ] around the world.

Yours in our Lord Jesus Christ,
Huong and Samoeun and baby

Vek Huong Taing's hand writing letter